Marc Slafsky
Business Consultant and Insurance Agent
Co-Founder WorldWide Local Connect Inc.

The Startup and Small Business Whisperer

Business Consulting

Why does a start-up need business consulting?  Since most entrepreneurs are type A driven individuals and tend to “do it myself”, why does this person need or want a consultant?

Why is the question;  from the consultant’s view, let’s offer a peek behind the curtain;

As a business consultant we have seen many different ideas, personality, and dreams that people have shared.  Are all of these dreams based in reality;  the answer is:  YES/NO/MAYBE…  A Consultant is basically in the people business, every business starts with a person and their idea or dream.

Our job is work with the person to determine if these is a need for the product or service, to determine if the person is capable of delivering on the plan that they have presented and if the public will pay for the service or product.


We help shape the pitch, plan, and challenge the entrepreneur to think of all of the obstacles that may be in the path.  To guide the person to be the most successful business that they are capable of becoming.

We have that expertise in are combined business backgrounds in finance, marketing, insurance, coaching, and running business.  We’ve combined to run companies from start-up to advising on mergers and acquisitions and the entire business life cycle.

WWLC will be able to direct you to a successful outcome, and help you define success.

Insurance Risk Analysis

Starting or running a business without (the right) insurance is like playing Russian Roulette. It sets you up for potential disaster. It’s not a matter of if, but when that disaster could sink your endeavor.

When evaluating an insurance agent/broker to work with from a start-up’s perspective is important as it could impact several steps in the start up process.

It’s crucial in the start up process that you align with a broker who has the experience in bringing a company from “drawing board” to execution. Someone who can guide the start-up through the phases and can understand and recommend the necessary insurance coverage.  Someone who has the contacts and insurance markets available to provide the insurance throughout the process.


We have that expertise and have done it for more than 30 years.  We’ve provided insurance product and expertise for companies from the dream stage to international sales.  We know what’s needed and have the experience and expertise to partner with you.  

How I got Into Consulting

While working in the insurance world, it became clear that my clients would have questions about the running a business.

I could be part of the answer along with their attorney and accountant to help protect their assets, goodwill, and profits as they grew their companies.

The Road to Insurance

I was born into an insurance family;  3rd generation of my family to be in this industry.

I was able to see first hand how both my father and grandfather developed relationships with the clients they insured and how they became important advisors and friends with their clients.

My Motto


My job is to educate my clients to help protect and grow their business!

- Marc Slafsky

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