Marc Slafsky – Insurance Expert and Business Coach. Business Consultant, and Co-Founder  WorldWide Local Connect Inc.

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Insurance Expertise Since 1982

As we say at WorldWide Local Connect Inc. “Building a Business is Like Building a Cathedral”. With a solid foundation and structure both a cathedral and business can weather the test of time.

I’ll help you choose the best foundation, best insurance for your business, to weather any economic storm or disaster in case you get hit. While coaching you to make the right decisions and set yourself and your business up for consistent and profitable growth and success.

Family Business - Street Business - Insurance

The Early Years

I was born into an insurance family;  3rd generation of my family to be in this industry. I was able to see first hand how both my father and grandfather developed relationships with the clients they insured and how they became important advisors and friends with their clients.

I graduated college and went into the family business in 1982 and started working with companies in our commercial insurance division. I started working on main street businesses and gradually moved into what is called “middle market” sized accounts.


Before Salem Five

My insurance career started the year I graduated college (1982) in my family-owned insurance Agency.  I was working in the commercial lines division working on small “main street” accounts, most of which were family owned as well.  We grew significantly during the 80’s and early 90’s.  We decided to sell to a larger regional insurance Agency which allowed my parents to retire and I was to move onto working on larger accounts.

                                I worked at this regional Agency for 10 years, eventually becoming a “vertical leader” in our General Business unit.  I was working on “middle market” accounts which at that time were business that were paying >$25,000 of premium annually.  I worked with Retail, Wholesale, Food Industries, as well as starting to work on “high tech” accounts that were beginning to emerge.


I left the position at the regional insurance due to some internal strife amongst the partners and landed the lead commercial producer role at another well know North Shore insurance agency.  I was able to negotiate an ownership piece in my production should I reach certain production goals annually.  Gladly I was able to meet or exceed those goals which gave him a certain financial certainty. I was at this company for 5 years until it was reorganized and it became clear that the new management was not to my liking.

Finally, I landed with NE Heritage Insurance which was acquired by Salem Five Bank, thus coming to Salem 5 Insurance.  I’ve been in production since and my client base has greatly expanded and where my book is largest of the current producers.  I now work on both middle market and large companies that pay significant premiums.  I have a diverse book of business and have clients both domestically and abroad.

My 35 + years of experience in working with companies in virtually all industries has given me a wealth of knowledge that I truly enjoy sharing to assist others to see what they are capable in achieving.

Insurance Business - Marc Slafsky - before Salem Five
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Salem Five

Upon joining Salem Five Insurance Services my career has continued to grow and expand into additional types of insurance coverage and larger accounts.  Working with a broader client base and a larger organization I’ve been able to work with and provide insurance coverage to a wide scope of clients in industries in manufacturing, real estate, technology, entertainment, and various other businesses.

Why is this history important?  It has opened me up to learning about business, better understanding of how business works, what is important to the people who run the business.  This gives me a unique perspective in talking to business leaders on how to assist them to meet their goals and protect the assets that they have built.

This translates well to a consultant role.  I see that role to ask the difficult questions; help define what is important to the business owner and work through the details to achieve their goals.  The goal can be monetary, in nature or there could be other conversations that lead to business break-through that we define together.

WorldWide Local Connect

Not too long ago, I met with Peter Dragone, Co-Founder of keurig and Hans van Putten his business partner who had just founded WoirldWide Local Connect Inc a hub for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses.

They explained that their mission was to use their extensive experience and skills to help startups and small businesses grow and get to the next level.

At the same time I was thinking about what I would like to do post Salem Five. By then I  had been a judge on the Salem State University Enterprise Center panel for the Small Business Award competition.

As I was discussing this with Peter and Hans we decided it would be great to join forces to help young entrepreneurs in all aspects of starting and running a business, so I joined the founding team of WorlWide Local Connect Inc. and as they say, the rest is history. 

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Any question about what I’ve done, what I’m doing or what I am looking forward doing?

Simply contact me and let me know how I can help!

Marc Slafsky